thursday spot: coffee in Amsterdam


Hey hey!

Getting back into cafe reviews here - who's excited? I know I am because this time I'll be talking about very cute coffee shops in Amsterdam. Since you all might know, me and my boy went there for a couple of days and we made it our mission to research and visit as many lovely cafe spots in town
as possible.
I guess I will start with my list & some pictures from them.

(Coffee Concepts)


ootd: how did blogging change my wardrobe?

bag - Keep an eye leather | hat - Lindex | rings - Mejuri | shoes - Adidas Gazelle |

Good evening,

today I wanted to talk a little bit about how being a blogger changed and improved my wardrobe. 
I was never into colours or extravagant type of clothing but when I started blogging I somehow thought that I cannot wear simple clothes anymore. By simple I'm talking white tees and blue jeans kind of outfits. So, I would always try to wear something different, like add heels or add layers that I want to take off right after a shoot.
However, years passed and I have learnt that it's okay to wear what you want simply because it's so important to be who you truly are. Nowadays, I have been posting so many minimal outfits on my instagram and I have never felt better. Yes, I  do still try to make them interesting but I don't do that by buying a colourful or trendy top that I won't wear a lot. These days I look for interesting cuts, different textures and I always try to have accessories to complement my outfits. 

As you all might know, I wear dainty jewellery, my watch & add a hat or a scarf here and there. I've learnt to elevate my basics like this and I think that only happened because of blogging. 
I have gathered so much inspiration during the years, I experimented a lot with my style and I'm so glad blogging pushed me to do this. Don't be afraid to wear what you like and fond ways to adapt that style to something a little trendy.

To finish off this ramble, let's have a look at my another basic outfit that I felt extremely comfortable wearing around town. A pair of black jeans (who could always swap them for a pair of leather trousers, which would look super stylish), a wooly sweater because it's finally cold enough to wear those & some trainers like these Adidas Gazelle ones - I adore the unusual colour and the old school style. I accessorised with a fedora from Lindex new collection - always works wonders on any outfit, my favourite autumn leather bag from Keep an eye leather and finally, some rings. My favourite jewellery brand would probably have to be Mejuri and I'm so lucky to own two rings from them - the heart one and the evil eye one. I just love their chain design and how interesting they look on my fingers. I always pair them with some other rings and a necklace or some earrings. Minimal and dainty jewellery, as I said, is something I always wear nowadays and I think it really does elevate my outfits. What do you think?

Stay tuned for a cafe review on Thursday, I have recommendations for them in Amsterdam! x


postcards: amsterdam

Hey there!

As you might have guessed I'm back from my short getaway to Amsterdam. It was pure bliss and I fell head over heels for the city of bikes. 
It was extremely hot there for two (out of three) days, +27 degrees isn't the perfect weather for walking around but we managed to survive. I must say that those little streets where you can always find a shadow and the canals helped a tone. Other than the unexpectedly hot weather, I enjoyed absolutely every part of Amsterdam.
First of all, it is such a green city. You can find trees almost on every street and there are so many amazing parks where you can chill out, have a picnic or read a book. I could totally see myself writing blog posts there on weekends. 
Secondly, the cutest cafes and shops everywhere in the city centre. I had so many on my list and I found even more while walking around. The interior is unique in each of them but they all were so instagrammable, I now have way too many photos of them on my phone (hello, my instagram feed). 
Moreover, the whole of the city is so chilled. Yes, you always have to watch out for the bikes because there are thousands of them and nobody wants to get hit by one, but overall everyone is extremely friendly and relaxed. It is nothing compared to London where everybody's rushing and running everywhere. Amsterdam is so different and only in a good way.
We have visited the famous Riikjsmuseum gardens & I am amsterdam sign, also the big park around Van Gogh museum, Joordan neighbourhood, 9 streets, generally walked all around the city centre because it is unique and beautiful everywhere. We had a lovely lunch at Foodhallen - a must see I think for food lovers & they also have the cutest locally made goods shop there too. Some pics from that shop are here in this post - you'll see. 
My top tip for Amsterdam would be to prepare for a lot of walking and just explore the city on foot. There are monuments that are a must see, such as the Van Gogh & Riikjsmuseum but in my opinion, the beauty of this city is hidden away in those little streets. I was amazed by the architecture and peacefulness that you can find just steps away from the main street and all the traffic. Just put on your most comfortable trainers and discover the beauty of the city of bikes - I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.
Lastly, if you're a fan of cute cafes, I will be posting a short list of the ones that I visited and absolutely fell in love with. 
Stay tuned! x



ootd: dainty jewellery & life update

bag - Mango | rings - Jukserei | trainers - Reebok | dress - Body Talk | jeans - Target

Hey there,

long time no see. I have been a terrible blogger lately I must admit. I guess I have the same excuses as always - life got busy, working full time and blogging ain't easy blahblahblah. Truth is, I was just feeling uninspired. I was taking loads of instagram (follow me @fashionframebyg) pictures but didn't want to post anything here cause I didn't know what to say to you all. Clearly I'm still not sure if I know what I'm on about.
However, I decided to take the plunge and write a little life update for you. 

First things first, I'm on holiday for two weeks & I couldn't be more excited for it. I have been working at my new job since December and I only had short break in spring, so these holidays were long awaited for sure. 
Tomorrow I'm catching a plane to Amsterdam and staying there for a few days - literally cannot contain myself. I have missed city breaks and this one I bet will be a perfect one + I've never been to Amsterdam before! All the cute coffee shops are bookmarked already & I'll instagram the hell out of that city I promise!

Next on the list - new collaborations are coming your way. I have been working with some lovely brands and I cannot wait to feature all of them here. Starting of with Jukserei - the prettiest dainty jewellery creators in Berlin. You all know by now how much I love simple designs and how rings are the accessories that I wear every single day. That's why I love supporting brands that have history and that make durable jewellery. I know for sure that these rings won't tarnish easily, which is very important to me since I barely ever take my rings off. Also, the unique designs make every piece very special. I love my gold plated rings, they're so tiny but add something very special to my outfit. 

Lastly, I hope to renew my website and bring more interesting content to you guys. Beauty corner will be updated very soon since I have some interesting products to talk about as well as cafe recommendations will be brought back to life. In the meantime, follow my journeys on instagram because I almost never miss a day of posting there! 

Have a lovely week  xx



ootd: layers

shirt - Lindex | shorts - F Identity | jumper - Body Talk | backpack - Indigo textile | shoes - Deichmann

Hey there my loves,

today I have a very short & sweet post for you. Just wanted to share an outfit that I completely froze wearing (no bare legs should have been allowed!) since summer is apperantly gone in Lithuania yet I still had my hopes up. Oh well... 

I'm very excited about the fall though, I've seen all the new collections in stores, which look amazing & I must admit I really miss wearing my cozy sweaters. I think I'll do some wardrobe reorganising very soon - need to get all my woolies out of plastic storage bags, eeeek! 

Lastly, I'm going on holiday in a few weeks, so I literally cannot contain my excitement. Two weeks off & some very cool plans have been made. I promise  you'll be up to date with those as well.

Have a great weekend everyone & come back next week! x


ootd: casual tuesdays & things that made me happy last week

bag, jeans, top, scarf - Zara | sunnies - Free People | trainers - Nike

Hi there,

let's start a new week with a positive note, shall we? I do believe it's important to take a step back from time to time to appreciate the little things in life. I often get stuck in my little routine - getting up, going to work, having my morning coffee, working, then doing something in the evening and going to sleep. But when I think about it, some parts of my every day life are those little things that make me happy! So today I'll share some moments of last week that put a smile on my face on a Monday morning when I was writing this post.

- having home-made waffles for breakfast on Sunday. There is something special about breakfasts in general and when they are home made with love, well that's just something that will forever make me very happy. Taking some time and effort to prepare an unusual treat in the morning is the definition of a perfect Sunday for me. Followed by a good cup of coffee and a walking around in the city.

- going for a run a couple of times a week. It takes me so much effort to actually change into my gym gear and go for a run, you have no idea. However, each time I do it, I feel so good afterwards. It's not easy for me, I'm not the fittest person in the world, but it's kind of challenge and I feel proud every time after I finish my workout. Also, I believe it's good for the mind to switch off, listen to some music and think only about the right kind of breathing while you run.

- taking time to read. I actually spent most of my last weekend reading and that was something I haven't done in a really long time. I have completely forgotten how good it feels to read and I finished this book in a week. Shocker, I know! Chilling out with a book - definitely my new favourite thing to do.

- watching Friends while it was raining outside. I often feel guilty for not doing anything & being lazy on weekends because I don't have much time after work yet sometimes it is just what you need. Saturday evening was horrible weather wise, it was raining cats and dogs outside, so it felt amazing to cozy up under a blanket and watch some tv series. I've never properly watched Friends, so it was very fitting to catch up. It made me laugh so much - no wonder it was so popular!

There you go, some happy moments of my week - I encourage all of you to reflect on yours and write comment about some of them below. Otherwise, see you later ! xx


thursday spot: morning glory

Hey there,

it's Thursday again and I'm happy to write about another cool spot to go in Vilnius. Morning Glory is actually a cafe and bar in one - if you fancy coffee, you can get one, but if you're up for a beer, be their guest and have a pint! 
The atmosphere is very chilled, there is a sweetest dog ever in there who wants to play all the time. I think that the owners officially described themselves as hipsters and I do have a feeling that the guy serving me was one of the owners. He was friendly and very laid back, which is always a plus.

Talking about the prices - everything is pretty much the same as in all coffee shops around town. Cup of coffee is around 2 euros, but a beer is also around the same price, which was a big surprise for me. They also have cocktails if you fancy to spent your happy hour there!

All in all, I really loved the vibe of this place. I would definitely go there to work on my computer or to have a cuppa with my friend and suggest you do the same! Find them on Pylimo st.54 & their Facebook page here.


ootd: balcony view

bag - Keep an eye leather (etsy) | top - ATUKO | trousers - Zara | bracelet - Lapeslapes | shoes - Primark

Hey hey!

I got so used to having a lot on my mind lately and writing everything here so it's weird not to do that today. Obviously I do have a lot on my mind, overthinking is something I struggle with quite a bit, but this time it's not very easy to put everything into words for some reason. Even though I hate posts where I just briefly talk about my choices - I'll still do it tonight. Purely because I really want to share this ootd and the view behind me with you. If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I started posting more pictures of architecture - I think I'm falling for Vilnius again. Especially during  those warm evenings when the sun is setting, it's always breathtaking.

Back to the clothes -  I chose the same colour palette, so I added some texture by wearing a faux leather top from ATUKO, a minimalist Lithuanian brand, and I love almost anything from them (talk about their jewellery!). To finish off the basics I decided to add a leather handbag by Keep an eye leather. It feels very luxurious and well-made, definitely something I see myself wearing everyday this summer and autumn as well. Accessories are pretty much the same as always - earrings, watch & obviously my full stack of rings.

Short and sweet tonight but stay tuned for more later this week ! x