ootd: layers

shirt - Lindex | shorts - F Identity | jumper - Body Talk | backpack - Indigo textile | shoes - Deichmann

Hey there my loves,

today I have a very short & sweet post for you. Just wanted to share an outfit that I completely froze wearing (no bare legs should have been allowed!) since summer is apperantly gone in Lithuania yet I still had my hopes up. Oh well... 

I'm very excited about the fall though, I've seen all the new collections in stores, which look amazing & I must admit I really miss wearing my cozy sweaters. I think I'll do some wardrobe reorganising very soon - need to get all my woolies out of plastic storage bags, eeeek! 

Lastly, I'm going on holiday in a few weeks, so I literally cannot contain my excitement. Two weeks off & some very cool plans have been made. I promise  you'll be up to date with those as well.

Have a great weekend everyone & come back next week! x


ootd: casual tuesdays & things that made me happy last week

bag, jeans, top, scarf - Zara | sunnies - Free People | trainers - Nike

Hi there,

let's start a new week with a positive note, shall we? I do believe it's important to take a step back from time to time to appreciate the little things in life. I often get stuck in my little routine - getting up, going to work, having my morning coffee, working, then doing something in the evening and going to sleep. But when I think about it, some parts of my every day life are those little things that make me happy! So today I'll share some moments of last week that put a smile on my face on a Monday morning when I was writing this post.

- having home-made waffles for breakfast on Sunday. There is something special about breakfasts in general and when they are home made with love, well that's just something that will forever make me very happy. Taking some time and effort to prepare an unusual treat in the morning is the definition of a perfect Sunday for me. Followed by a good cup of coffee and a walking around in the city.

- going for a run a couple of times a week. It takes me so much effort to actually change into my gym gear and go for a run, you have no idea. However, each time I do it, I feel so good afterwards. It's not easy for me, I'm not the fittest person in the world, but it's kind of challenge and I feel proud every time after I finish my workout. Also, I believe it's good for the mind to switch off, listen to some music and think only about the right kind of breathing while you run.

- taking time to read. I actually spent most of my last weekend reading and that was something I haven't done in a really long time. I have completely forgotten how good it feels to read and I finished this book in a week. Shocker, I know! Chilling out with a book - definitely my new favourite thing to do.

- watching Friends while it was raining outside. I often feel guilty for not doing anything & being lazy on weekends because I don't have much time after work yet sometimes it is just what you need. Saturday evening was horrible weather wise, it was raining cats and dogs outside, so it felt amazing to cozy up under a blanket and watch some tv series. I've never properly watched Friends, so it was very fitting to catch up. It made me laugh so much - no wonder it was so popular!

There you go, some happy moments of my week - I encourage all of you to reflect on yours and write comment about some of them below. Otherwise, see you later ! xx


thursday spot: morning glory

Hey there,

it's Thursday again and I'm happy to write about another cool spot to go in Vilnius. Morning Glory is actually a cafe and bar in one - if you fancy coffee, you can get one, but if you're up for a beer, be their guest and have a pint! 
The atmosphere is very chilled, there is a sweetest dog ever in there who wants to play all the time. I think that the owners officially described themselves as hipsters and I do have a feeling that the guy serving me was one of the owners. He was friendly and very laid back, which is always a plus.

Talking about the prices - everything is pretty much the same as in all coffee shops around town. Cup of coffee is around 2 euros, but a beer is also around the same price, which was a big surprise for me. They also have cocktails if you fancy to spent your happy hour there!

All in all, I really loved the vibe of this place. I would definitely go there to work on my computer or to have a cuppa with my friend and suggest you do the same! Find them on Pylimo st.54 & their Facebook page here.


ootd: balcony view

bag - Keep an eye leather (etsy) | top - ATUKO | trousers - Zara | bracelet - Lapeslapes | shoes - Primark

Hey hey!

I got so used to having a lot on my mind lately and writing everything here so it's weird not to do that today. Obviously I do have a lot on my mind, overthinking is something I struggle with quite a bit, but this time it's not very easy to put everything into words for some reason. Even though I hate posts where I just briefly talk about my choices - I'll still do it tonight. Purely because I really want to share this ootd and the view behind me with you. If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I started posting more pictures of architecture - I think I'm falling for Vilnius again. Especially during  those warm evenings when the sun is setting, it's always breathtaking.

Back to the clothes -  I chose the same colour palette, so I added some texture by wearing a faux leather top from ATUKO, a minimalist Lithuanian brand, and I love almost anything from them (talk about their jewellery!). To finish off the basics I decided to add a leather handbag by Keep an eye leather. It feels very luxurious and well-made, definitely something I see myself wearing everyday this summer and autumn as well. Accessories are pretty much the same as always - earrings, watch & obviously my full stack of rings.

Short and sweet tonight but stay tuned for more later this week ! x


ootd: light shades & a letter to my teenage self

bag - Coach | dress - Body Talk | sandals - Pull&Bear | waistcoat - Mango | sunglasses - ZeroUV
ph IDEAphoto

Hey there teenager Gema,

nice to e-meet you. It might sound a little weird but I am you and I am writing you from the future. You are 23 now and I would like to tell you about some lessons that I have learnt and also, some things that you shouldn't worry about so much.

So, let's start from the beginning. As every teenager you are very concerned about boys and relationships. I know that you dream about that perfect guy, that romance and you worry too much that nobody is going to love you because you're not pretty enough, not slim enough, not funny enough, etc. Well, let me tell you - you will fall in love and when you do you will fall hard. Let me tell you as well that somebody will fall for you too. He will fall hard as well & you will be happy. However, I must warn you that you will know how it feels to have a broken heart. Don't you worry though - there's always a ray of sunshine after a big storm. I know you pretty damn well, so I understand that you will not take it easy - this is just how you are. It might sound a little scary now but these moments will make you YOU. Bear in mind as well that you are very happy now. It was a rocky road, you've made mistakes and bad choices yet somehow you survived and right now you wouldn't want to change anything cause you're very content with your life. Every single struggle you went through, tears you cried out, sleepless nights you had - it all shaped you into being who you are now.

Boyfriends - check, now friends - correct? As far as I remember you were always very concerned about your friendships. You always wanted to be the center of attention, the soul of a big group people. Let me tell you one thing first - people come into your life for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. I must admit that you've had people that came for a reason & a season but now they're not with you anymore. It doesn't probably sound so great to you, but I trust me that you feel just fine. Those people taught you loads of things about loyalty, selfishness, care and reliability. They have formed the values that you live your life by now and I do believe that those are worth every single time it was hard to let somebody go.

Lastly, let's talk you and how to deal with self-confidence or should I say struggle with it? No, those diets that you're doing right now will not help you to have a perfect body. No, you'll not be 175 cm and not even 170 cm. Yes, you will achieve your 'perfect weight' but no, you won't feel the satisfaction out of it that you think you will and yes, you will still find loads of things that you don't like about your body. I guess you'll have to undergo all the stages of the extreme dieting, fitness, then binging on everything again in order to realise that the number on the scale doesn't make you YOU and that will not be the reason why you'll establish amazing friendships, meet lovely people and feel happy.
I know that you won't believe me, but I promise you that despite all of those drawbacks that you find in physical appearance every day you will learn to love. Not every day, there will be bad days where you'll hate yourself and hope to be a model who travels the world &doesn't have to worry about anything in life. Well, those will be just shorts moments because you'll know in your heart that it's not the case and everybody has their insecurities and troubles, which we don't see on their instagram feeds.
That's just social media life and  you will spend a lot of time on it. This will bring out some insecurities in you as well - just saying. A lot of them to be honest, but in time you will understand that numbers do not define you and there's no point in comparing yourself to others. It is indeed the thief of joy. I'm not saying that you'll be a super self-confident person, no, that's not the case either. You will worry sometimes and compare your life to others' yet the conclusion will always be the same - you have too many beautiful things to appreciate and to thank for in your life to be sad about it.

So, girl, please try feel comfortable in your own skin and just take life with a bit of salt. Everything happens for a reason even if you don't know it yet. x


ootd: freedom of choice

dress - Dear Freedom | shoes - Nike | bag - Zara | jacket - Mango

Helloooo & Happy Monday!

I was thinking the other day - don't you just love the fact that we don't have to wear what we're told these days? We're free to choose what we like in 21st century and all the rules that existed before are not present anymore. Women can wear trousers if they want to, nobody really cares if you pair your pencil skirt with sneakers and heels are worn with Adidas joggers these days. 
How awesome is that? 

Having lived in Lithuania most of my life, then a bit in the UK and the US, I believe that my city has changed for the better regarding the 'outfit tolerance'. Yes, old ladies sometimes are not happy about the fact that one decides to wear ankle boots and shorts in the middle of summer. Yes, even I get a lot of looks for having my hair this silver colour (and especially when I'm straight out of the salon and it's purple-ish or something). However, I do feel Vilnius is more open every day. People express themselves by wearing unusually stylish outfit combinations and I think that's amazing! How do you feel about this in Lithuania? 

Talking about my actual outfit today - it's a very special dress to show you guys. You might know by now that I love details and that's why this dress from Dear Freedom is something that I was immediately drawn to. I love how well made it is, every single stitch was thought out, which is something I always expect from a high end designer piece.
 Also, the design itself is very interesting and futuristic, which allowed me to wear jeans and sneakers with it. I just love this kind of versatility - no need to wear heels and look all dressed up.
I've also noticed that I've become skirts and dresses person lately - maybe it's because I wear pants underneath anyway? Funny!

I hope you've had a great start of the week today and I'll see ya later this week for another Thursday spot cafe recommendation! x


beauty corner: protect your skin with Kiehls

find everything in the Kiehls store @ Panorama Vilnius

Hey there!

To mark the fact that it has been raining a lot these days, I've decided to do a skincare post with a focus on SPF. Just kidding, I've been meaning to talk sun protection for a long time and it just happened to be published in the middle of rain week. Whoops.

First of all, I believe that people and especially girls underestimate the power of the sun. Yes, tanned legs look thinner and tanned skin looks more radiant and glowy. However, direct skin exposure to sun can be very damaging and aging to our skin. That's why I've decided to use SPF at least on my face every single day throughout the year. I don't want to get wrinkles sooner rather than later and I truly believe that this step in my skincare might actually help. There are many articles online with pictures on how our face looks like with and without SPF on - the difference is so huge and so scary.

So, most of my Lithuanian should have heard by now that Kiehls finally opened a store in Lithuania. It was a very lovely opening and I was super happy to know that more and more worldwide brands are coming to our little country. You should all go there and have a free skin consultation, all the staff are super experienced and they really know what they're doing.
I've been advised to use SPF and I was also given some samples of their best sellers to try out.

Let me tell you - I have tried at least three SPFs and they were all very heavy and clogged my pores. The one from Kiehls is a very light texture cream, which sinks in pretty quickly, which is always a plus. I put it on as my last step in the morning routine and then put make up. I must admit that without it my skin feels lighter but it is nothing compared to a heavy formulas that I've tried before.

Lastly, since I've used the other products for a month approximately I might as well state my opinion.
Midnight Recovery Concentrate is magic in a bottle for me. No, it doesn't remove my blackheads. No, it doesn't shrink my pores to 0. No, it hasn't made my skin perfect. However, it does something that I cannot really describe. I would say it has calming properties, which are highly appreciated every single months when I break out like crazy. I use it in the evening and every morning I wake up with a plump skin that is not red (it is one my biggest skin concerns) and irritated. After I wash my face in the morning, I do use Daily Reviving Concentrate if I want extra glow and hydration. even though it is an oil, my make up looks very good and I don't look greasy or shiny. I have to powder my face after 5-6 hours of wearing make up, which I think is pretty amazing.
Ultra facial cream is the one thing that I didn't find as amazing as I thought it would be. Since I'm using an oil both in the morning and evening, I don't really need another heavy-ish cream to top it all off, so I guess that it won't be something I would reach for (and I honestly haven't) very often.

That is it for today, I hope you liked my thoughts on these products. Just remember one thing - at least always protect your face by using SPF even when it's a cloudy day outside. You'll thank me later! x


ootd: hey there life lemons

skirt - Body Talk | top - Zara | bag - Lindex | sandals - H&M | sunglasses - ZeroUV

Good evening loves!

I never know how to start blog posts. It's weird every single time. What do I jut say hello and get to the point, or should I do a mini introduction that I'm back with a new outfit post, or should I just start talking about whatever's on my mind? I get so awkward every time, it's a bit pathetic to be honest with you.

So, since we're past that awkwardness now, let's begin.
My life has been pretty crazy the last couple of months, loads have happened and a lot more is just around the corner. I cannot believe things are as they are now, lots of mixed emotions are with me everyday. Do not ever take things for granted because as soon as you do, they will change. This time last year things were very different but life was a roller coaster back then too. A memorable year from then to today indeed. What's next to come?

I was never really the one to share where I work or any really personal details with you but I guess it's time I start. Well, for the past six months I've been working in an IT company that is basically a full ad tech platform. I never in my life thought that could be something I'd love to do, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually realised how much I like my job. It never stops, new things are always thrown at you and there is a challenge right around the corner almost every day. I am a very lucky girl indeed to have an amazing team with me to do every tasks and I never stop learning here. 
 I do hope this career will turn into something big because right now it's the second thing after my blog & fashion that I'm truly passionate about. I guess it's not even the second, they all go hand in hand. During the day I'm a total geek and in the evenings I'm showing you my latest outfit choices. 

I hope it's interesting for you to read a little about my personal life as well as my thoughts on random stuff in life. I'll try to do that more often here, we'll see how that goes. Have a good night! xx